Plaza Campus Supplemental Care

Judi McGreavey
Judi McGrevey

Hello! My name is Judi McGrevey and I am the Office Manager located at our Plaza location. I am responsible for scheduling and managing all the Supplemental Care needed for our families as well as supporting our Director and teachers. I am originally from Arizona and have been in Colorado for 6 years now and will finally admit I like all the different seasons offered in this beautiful state. My experience is in working in Human Resources as well as helping to manage and grow businesses to the next level. I have two wonderful children ages 7 and 5 and love playing with them and just being silly. I have a passion for healthy living, exercise and truly helping others. I enjoy watching kids discover the world around them and I love giving support to all of our families in any way possible. I look forward to working to help the wonderful families of Little Blessings and caring for all those fabulous children.



Supplemental Care           

How does Supplemental care work?

Supplemental care typically means you need supplemental care beyond preschool for a meeting, appointment, lunch date or just to run some personal errands.

Supplemental care requests are to be emailed to  24 hours prior to needing care. An enrollment confirmation will be sent via email. Emergency accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis upon availability.

All children will need to have an up to date emergency card on file along with an enrollment sheet and copies of current immunizations and a general health statement.


Supplemental Care Hours:

Little Blessings Supplemental Care is available Monday – Friday, 8:00-5:00 at the Plaza Campus

Supplemental Care Rates:

Supplemental Care will be billed the 15th and end of each month at the below rates:

  • $9.00 an hour for one child
  • $11.00 an hour for two children

Phone: 303-840-6196