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Lori Laskowski, Art
Lori Laskowski, Art

Hello I am Lori Laskowski the Little Blessings Art teacher. this will be my 5th year teaching at Little Blessings and have taught for 18 years prior to that, a total of 23 years teaching. I have always enjoyed art and took every class i could in high school that was related to art, from still life to ceramics to photography. I also studied art history in college along with studying early childhood education. I love teaching art, it is a way for our children to show self-expression, boost self-esteem and reflect and convey who they are. Through art they can express their uniqueness and individuality. Plus it’s just plane fun to create something uniquely inspired by themselves. In art a child learns spacial awareness, focusing skills, fine motor skills, cognitive development even observation skills.

    Through my art class your child will learn about colors,color mixing, the color wheel, tinting, shading as well as art history and famous artists. Believe it or not they truly understand it if it’s on a level they can comprehend.
Cheryl Hardy
Cheryl Hardy

Music Makers

w/ Miss Cheryl

Hello!  My name is Cheryl Hardy or “Miss Cheryl.”  “Back-in-the-day” I went off to college as a Voice Performance major at Colorado State University.  After a year and a half, I realized that as much as I loved singing, studying it drained a lot of my passion and so I changed degrees (like most college students) and ended up getting a B.S. in Business Management (from The University of Northern Colorado a few years later which is a whole other story).

Approximately 20 years ago, I “retired” from my business career to have my 1st son & became a stay-at-home-mom of 3 fantastic boys/men.  I continued to work various part-time jobs including being the Music Teacher at the Parker “Play & Music” for nearly 7 years.  When they went out of business I spent most of the last several years working as a part-time florist & teaching an occasional voice/music student out of my home.

I feel so privileged to be able to offer this Music Makers program to your children.  I love the interaction with these young ones and their enthusiasm is priceless.  It truly is a joy to watch them dance, play instruments, learn songs and listen to them sing while they learn music (unbeknownst to them).  They’ll be introduced to rhythms and matching actions and body movements that will train their brains for a love of music as well as math and science all while they just simply have fun.

Each week there will be a Music Makers flyer that talks about the style of music we worked on and some helpful advice and/or songs attached.  Please read through those for ways you can interact musically with your child at home or let them show you what they learned that day.  Maybe you’ll remember some songs from your own childhood and now you can share them together.



Dianne DeMarco

Hi, I am  Dianne DeMarco and I will be teaching Move-N-Groove to the kiddos here at Little Blessings!   I studied Health & Nutrition in College and love bringing a piece of that to my classes to hopefully help introduce different food groups and healthy snack options. In every class we do different activities in a way that they don’t even realize that they are exercising for a healthy heart and strong muscles and bones! have been teaching Fitness & Nutrition to Preschool & Kindergarten children for about 6 years. I have 3 very loving, active, busy boys ages 15, 13 & 7 here in Parker.  I love going to their music performances & sports activities & watching them do what they love and watching them grow – what feels like an inch every day! My husband is an Executive Chef so we do love to go into his restaurant and TRY to stick to eating healthy there! I truly love being able to be a part of laying a foundation for a healthy lifestyle for each and every one of your kids. They keep me healthy by making me laugh & smile at every class!