Rhonda Whiskers M-F

All about your teacher!

  • Name: Rhonda Whisker
  • Number of years employed at Little Blessings? 10 Months
  • Favorite Hobby or Hobbies: I love camping with my family.  I also love doing scrapbooking.
  • Favorite Color(s); Purple
  • Favorite Drink (hot or cold): Dr. Pepper
  • Any Children? One son who is 12 1/2 years old
  • Favorite Food(s): Mexican food
  • Favorite Movie(s) or TV Show(s): Friends
  • Favorite Book(s) or Author(s): Love Harry Potter
  • Do you have any pets? two dogs
  • Favorite Sport Team(s): Denver Broncos
  • Anything else? I have lived in Douglas county my whole life.  I have lived in Parker for the last 20 years.



Jackie Trask MWF

All about your teacher!

  • Name: Jacki Trask
  • Number of years employed at Little Blessings? This is my first year and I absolutely love caring for and teaching your precious children!
  • Favorite Hobby or Hobbies: Makeup, shopping (scoring great deals), crafting, refinishing furniture, relaxing with a glass of pinot noir and a movie
  • Favorite Color(s):Grey/aqua, grey/neutrals
  • Favorite Drink (hot or cold): Diet Coke, Starbucks dirty chai
  • Any Children? I have 2 children, Everly (6) and Hunter (4)
  • Favorite Food(s): Sushi, poke, oysters, Italian , Mexican, I love it all really! I’ve been A type 1 diabetic since 15 so I always watch my sugar and carb intake and try to eat as healthy as possible.
  • Favorite Movie(s) or TV Show(s): Housewives, below deck, shameless, the office, handmaids tale, Outlander Parks & rec, 30 rock.
  • Favorite Book(s) or Author(s): The time travelers wife, The lovely bones, Chuck Palinuck
  • Do you have any pets? 1 small 17 year old dog (Squeegie) and a one year old cat (Samuel L. Catson)
  • Favorite Sport Team(s): Yay sports team! (Not a huge fan of watching sports) Although I love to play!

Anything else you would like to share: We live in Hawaii for 12 years before moving to Colorado.  I am an island/beach girl at heart!  I’m a professional makeup artist and was a retail buyer.  I work at E&E dance Company in Parker as well. Our family loves to get out and explore all over Colorado.  We enjoy trying new things together on the weekends.

Lindsey Puhalla TTH