Our Staff


Here at Little Blessing we are fortunate to have an amazing staff that is focused on working cooperatively with families to facilitate a program that will create a solid educational foundation for young children.

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  • Tricia Woods, Director
  • Candi Robinson, Assistant Director
  • Emily Shaffer Plaza Campus Director
  • Judy McGrevey, Office Manager

Extended Day Coordinator:

  • Heather Wilson
  • Haley Kuster

Penguins (MDO)

  • Karen Yeagar
  • Melissa Vidis

Frogs  (2’s)

  • Erica Clark
  • Amy Heller
  • Eva Szabo

Bears  (Young 3’s)

  • Jill Reynolds
  • Heather Lentz

Butterflies (3’s)

  • Carolyn Preston
  • Susie Lauvray

Owls (3’s)

  • Candace Crain

Tortoise (4’s MWF/3’s TTH)

  • Deborah Thompson
  • Heather Wilson

Monkeys (4’s)

  • Amy Boss
  • Stephanie Thompson

Moose (Young 4’s)

  • Haley Kuster
  • Jen Endicott

Tigers (4’s)

  • Janelle Welling
  • Kim McEvoy

Foxes (Young 5’s MWF/Young 4’s TTH)

  • Lisa Biggins
  • Jamie Davis

Pandas (5’s)

  • Becky McHodgkins
  • Sheila Stevenson
  • Sally Disler

Giraffe’s (5’s)

  • Shannon Swim
  • Jennifer Branham

Rabbits (Kindergarten)

  • Kim Murphy
  • Sally Disler

Plaza Campus Owls (4’s/5’s)

  • Amanda Salgedo
  • Laura Rojas
  • Tiffany Sarvis

Plaza Campus Blue Birds (2’s)

  • Jessica Sitzes
  • Beth Wahlers

Plaza Campus Foxes (3’s)

  • Cindy Klein
  • Michelle Budfuloski

Plaza Campus Hedgehogs (Young 4’s)

  • Kendra Schneider
  • Nancy Lund
  • Stephanie Barto
  • Eileen Lopez

Specials Teachers

  • Lori Laskowski (Art)
  • Cheryl Hardy (Music)
  • Dianne D’Marcco (Move and Grove)


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