Our Staff



Here at Little Blessing we are fortunate to have an amazing staff that is focused on working cooperatively with families to facilitate a program that will create a solid educational foundation for young children.

Click on the class name to learn more about our wonderful teachers.

  • Emily Shaffer, Little Blessings Director
  • Janelle Welling, Assistant Director
  • Amy Boss, Director of Support Services
  • Stephanie Thompson, Curriculum Specialist & Asst. to Support Services
Ducks  (2’s)
  • Karen Armetta
  • Jackie Trask
Frogs  (2’s)
  • Rhonda Whiskers
  • Alisha Thorpe
Owls MWF (4’s)
  • Jennifer Branham
  • Jennifer Roberson
Owls TTH  (4’s)
  • Lauren del Busto
  • Lauren Storey
Hedgehogs (Young 4’s)
  • Cindy Klein
  • Megan Shimonek
Bees (3’s)
  • Noelani Allen
  • Erica Nimmo
  • Joci Allen
Llamas (3’s)
  • Anne Dunn
  • Susie Lauvray
  • Janis Freda
Kangaroos (4’s
  • Jennifer Schmidt
  • Kendra Schneider
  • Melissa Merrill
Dragonflies (4’s)
  • Jen Endicott
  • Kim McEvoy
Cubs (3’s)
  • Beth Wahlers
  • Jill Reynolds
Flamingos (young 5’s)
  • Laura Rojas
  • Tiffany Grizzle
Tigers (Young 4’s)
  • Jaime Davis
  • Melanie Hora
Zebras (4’s)
  • Molly Wilcox
  • Tiffany Sarvis
  • Lisa Biggins
  • Maranda Wilson
  • Marieta Fuller
  • Melissa Vidis
  • Desiree Ustler
  • Sally Disler
  • Shelia Stevenson
  • Karen Yeager
  • Candi Robinson